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Time for some Spring Cleaning?

Like always, we're so ready to welcome in the Spring.  This year, we're particularly excited as Alfie Dentistry is expanding to our Willowdale location in just a few months time. While we're waiting, however, we're doing a little bit of Spring Cleaning at Yonge & Steeles Dental Care.

We're sure you're aware, that dentists have our own flossify on how to keep teeth clean (see what we did there? :) :) :)).  One of the ways to ensure that you're on top of things is to get a professional cleaning done by one of our lovely hygienists.  

It's also an excellent time to think about whitening treatments.  Similar to laundry, when whites become yellow over time, it gives off the appearance that it's no longer as 'clean' as it was before.  Once teeth have been stained with coffees and teas, it's perceived to be less attractive than teeth that have not been stained.

Social studies have even suggested that people with discoloured teeth are perceived as less competent, less trustworthy, less intelligent and less friendly than those with whiter teeth.  Read about it here.

Why wait?  If you've considered teeth whitening treatments before, the time is now.  We use a safe and effective in-office system  so call us to book your Whitening Consultation today: (416) 222-4762.

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