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What's in YOUR Dental Travel Kit?

Here's what we'd recommend for your Travel Dental Kit (which, by the way, can also be your 'School/Work Dental Kit").

Kit Must-Haves:

* Toothbrush with soft bristles (They make nifty small sized/foldable brushes, especially for travelling!)  But, if you don't want to buy a toothbrush that's only used on vacation, might we recommend keeping the travel brush at work (for after-lunch oral care) after your trip? Might as well get the most out of it.

* Toothpaste - another obvious one.  Again, travel sizes are available and might be something to invest in, especially if you're looking to bring a carry-on only.  Orrrr, you can use tooth powders - which don't count towards your liquid allowance. Or you can bring a full tube in checked luggage.  Or you can squeeze an appropriate amount into a travel container and use that for the duration of your trip.  By the way, with every routine cleaning at our offices, you'll get a free travel-sized paste :) :) :) Book your hygiene visit now: (416) 226-6688.

* Floss - Another important one.  YES, even if you're travelling, please remember to floss your teeth!  And yes, with every cleaning, you'll also get a tiny container of floss - these are perfect for travels!

* Dental appliances and their associated accessories - If you're wearing:

     * Invisalign®

     * retainer(s)

     * ortho wax, special flossers, etc., if you're wearing traditional brackets.

     * removable denture(s)

     * sleep apnea appliance

     * nightguard

     * etc.,

you do want to make sure you're packing these items in their protective cases in your carry-on.  Since these are customized to your mouth and can be a larger monetary investment, you might want to avoid putting these in checked luggage (in case it's lost).

* A toiletries bag to keep all of these items away from any other contaminants.  Since these will be going into your mouth, it's wise to store them separate from everything else.


*Alcohol-free Mouthwash - Always a good idea for nice, fresh breath (especially after a long flight without brushing!)  But, it's not as essential as a brush, floss and paste :)

* Plastic disposable flossers (as featured in the above image) - These are handy if you have mobility issues that make flossing with your hands difficult.  For the majority of the population, regularly practicing the act of flossing makes things much easier, but for some people, it's a physical barrier that prevents them from easily flossing.  

Other Important Considerations:

You might want to book a dental check up before you leave and get the "all clear" from us before vacationing - Call us today at (416) 226-6688.  Nothing can put a damper on your trip quicker than needing emergency dental services while you're out of the country - especially because a lot of dental issues are preventable.  For example, patching up a filling ahead of time can mean avoiding needing a root canal overseas.

And if something still happens while you're out of town, fire off a quick email or phone call to our office.  We can help you determine whether it's something that should be treated ASAP by a local dentist or if it is less urgent and is something that can wait until your return.


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