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Hand Washing 101

Just a friendly reminder that even as businesses are reopening and restrictions on the province are lifting, we should still be super vigilant about practicing safe hand washing techniques to keep you safe and to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Here's an excellent visual of the areas we most often miss - using paint, and an amazing explanation from Alton Brown on the benefits of soap.

Well, that's 2020 for ya, LOL.

Hand Washing Steps:

1) Wet your hands with clean water first. Our taps have automatic sensors, so it will turn on and off without touching.

2) Apply soap (again, our dispenses are contact-less) and lather thoroughly (Please see video to address all areas: palms, backs of the hands, up the wrists and forearm, underneath the nails, in between the webbing of your fingers, and the thumbs). You can use regular soap or anti-bacterial soap. This lathering process should take at minimum, 20 seconds.

3) Rinse off thoroughly, so that no lather remains.

4) Dry off with a single-use paper towel.

5) Use a paper towel to avoid touching the door handle when exiting the washroom.

6) It's a good idea to moisturize the hands regularly, because any cracks or breaks in the skin will leave you more susceptible to getting sick.

Always wash your hands:

  • Before and after preparing food

  • Before eating

  • Before and after touching/dressing wounds

  • Before and after caring for a sick person

  • Before inserting or removing contact lenses

  • When visibly dirty

  • After using the toilet, helping a child use the toilet, changing diapers

  • Touching an animal or their items (toys, food, excrements, etc)

  • Coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose

  • Handling garbage

Remember to wash your hands before touching any other surface, otherwise you risk transferring germs to other areas of your home. For example, after you tossed the garbage, be mindful of your door handle(s)/knob(s), and the water taps! It is a good idea to wipe those areas down regularly with disinfecting surface wipes.


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