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to visit our office(s)!

We are continually making improvements at both offices so that everyone who comes in for an appointment (or you know - appointmentS!) feels safe. While we have always been on top of the game in terms of cleaning, sanitization and sterilization - we are continually following the updates and making sure that our standards exceeds those required by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario - because we care about your safety and we care about our safety.

We have recently reopened our Yonge & Steeles office for emergency procedures, urgent care, as well as non-essential and elective treatments on Mondays and Fridays (our team works at both of our locations, so we wanted to ensure everyone is getting adequate rest and time away from work - because we understand that working during a pandemic can be stressful).

Our latest installation allows for the ability to close off each operatory room. This is important when working on patients - so that firstly, all aerosols are contained. Dental procedures often generate aerosols (and sometimes spatter) into the air from patients' mouths - and these can contain pathogens that can make other people sick. By closing off the doors, aerosols no longer have the opportunity to spray outside of the treatment room. Then after each patient, our dental assistants clean and wipe down the dental chairs. They also make sure to disinfect the room and ensure that all instruments make their way to the equipment sterilization areas - so that they can be cleaned of contaminants as well as sterilized for about 40 minutes.

Back at the treatment room, we use a special blue ultraviolet light technology that eradicates or inactivates any remaining viruses and microorganisms from the air and surfaces. And yes - to confirm, this happens after and in addition to us meticulously wiping all surfaces down with disinfecting wipes and manual cleaning. The UV light is used in conjunction to our 'normal' hygiene protocols for added protection. We always have your safety in mind, so rest assured, you are in good hands.

When you feel comfortable 'going back to normal' and coming for a dental appointment, please call our Willlowdale location at (416) 226-6688 or our Centerpoint office at (416) 222-4762 to arrange a convenient time. We are working hard to maintain the safe environment we have created and are excited about the updates we are continually doing - because we are really looking forward to seeing you!

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