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Just a friendly reminder

Please remember to call our office once you have arrived for your booked appointment and remain seated in your car until we call you in.

We want to ensure that you won't cross paths with another guest who may be leaving their appointment or someone who is scheduled with another doctor or hygienist at around the same time. (We do try to stagger booking, but we have early arrivals, late-comers and on-timers :D).

Sometimes, we may call you in to wait on the upper level, where your appointment will commence shortly. Again, this is to ensure that traffic remains low on the ground floor - so don't worry, your doctor/hygienist will call you in soon.

And of course, we ask that all visitors sanitize their hands upon entry to our building and we will be taking forehead temperature before directing you to your room. If you haven't set up an account through the ALFIE Dentistry Patient Portal to complete our e-forms, we will be giving you a COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire.

We know that this is different from pre-COVID times, but these policies are in place to keep everyone healthy.

Stay Safe Everyone!


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